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Software / Virtual Instrument

Mimi is thrilled to finally share what has become the culmination all her work and efforts to date: Soundiron’s Mimi Page: Light and Shadow Vocal Library. After years of utilizing her voice as an instrument within her own work, Mimi became inspired to create a virtual instrument that everybody could potentially work with. Her original concept of “Light and Shadow” began with her desire to express the creative range within her own art, and, on a larger scale, the emotional range we all possess as human beings. While her breathy, ethereal tone can be used to create serene and angelic sounds, with the right manipulation it can also become haunting, melancholy, and even scary. In addition to the hundreds of vocal samples and phrases in the Light and Shadow library, Mimi’s created dozens of ambient pads and drones, all hand-crafted from her own voice. Utilizing time-stretching, manipulation, and heavy processing, each drone is a compliment to the overall otherworldly aesthetic of the library. While retaining her unique sound and signature ethereal quality, the versatility of the library gives the user the ability to add depth and diversity to every genre of music, whether it be Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Horror, New Age, Classical, Electronic Music, Ambient, or Hip Hop. Whatever the project, Light and Shadow’s sounds have the potential to bring life, depth, and a bit of magic to the final product.

Product Specs

  • 4.72 GB Installed (7.6 GB uncompressed)

  • 4,413 Samples

  • 8 master NKI instrument banks

  • Sound-Designed FX and Ambient presets

  • 24-bit, 48 kHz Stereo Lossless NCW Format.

  • Made for the free Kontakt Player (version 6+), Komplete Kontrol, all S-Series Keyboards and NKS software and hardware by Native Instruments

  • Works with the Kontakt "Libraries" browser and Native Access.

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