Dark Before The Dawn (2018)

EP - 5 Tracks

Hope For The Haunted (2017)

Hope For The Haunted (2017)

EP - 4 Tracks

The Ethereal Blues (2015)

LP - 13 Tracks

Requiem (2013)

EP - 4 Tracks

Breathe Me In (2012)

LP - 12 Tracks

A Lullaby For The Lonely (2011)

EP - 6 Tracks


Demon House (2018)

Motion Picture Soundtrack - 30 Tracks

The Lighthouse (2018)

Video Game Soundtrack - 14 Tracks

Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows (2018)

Video Game Soundtrack - 4 Tracks

Ancient Frontier (2017)

Video Game Soundtrack - 12 Tracks

The Trade (2016)

Motion Picture Soundtrack - 20 Tracks


For Those We Knew (with Jody Wisternoff), Anjunadeep (2020)


Dream Of Love (with Nox Vahn), Anjunadeep (2020)

Eu Topos (with Marsh), Anjunadeep (2020)

Follow Me (with Nox Vahn and Marsh), Anjunadeep, Anjunabeats (2019)

There is Peace Beyond (with Nox Vahn), Anjunadeep (2019)

Over the Stones of the Gray (with Inon Zur), Sony Masterworks (2019)

Tale of a Knight (with Inon Zur), Sony Masterworks (2019)

Song For The Fog (with Inon Zur), Bethesda Softworks (2017)

Was Will Be (with Bassnectar), Amorphous Music (2017

Swimming Through Dreams (with Black Needle Noise) (2017)

Spirit Cultris (with Gareth Coker) (2016)


Praecisione (with Gareth Coker) (2016)


Vaframentum (with Gareth Coker) (2016)

Blue Fires (with Delerium), Metropolis Records (2016)


Angels (with Delerium), Metropolis Records (2016)


Made To Move (with Delerium), Metropolis Records (2016)


Dark Visions (with Delerium), Metropolis Records (2016)

La Tour Eiffel (with Inon Zur), Ubisoft Music (2016)

Meneleya (with Inon Zur) (2016)

Searching (with Twofold) (2016)

The Path of Destiny (with Inon Zur) (2015)


Oceanic (with Conjure One) (2015)

Lost In Me (with Paris Blohm), Enhanced Music (2014)


Sailing the Sky (with Paris Blohm) (2014)


Falling In (with Illenium and Said The Sky), Simplify Recordings (2014)


Sand (with Mr. Projectile) (2014)


I Know (with Mr. Projectile) (2014)

Life (with Clark Kent) (2013)


Everything (with Yinyues), Seeking Blue (2013)


Fevers (with Seven Lions and Minnesota), Owsla (2013)


I Believe (with DJ Eye) (2013)


Release (with NitGrit) (2013)

Butterfly (with Bassnectar), Amorphous Music (2012)

Let Go (with Kezwik), Simplify Recordings 2012


The Night and The Skyline (with Gladkill), Muti Music (2012)

Spy Games (with Phrenik), Simplify Recordings (2012)


The Reminder (with Spankinz) (2012)

A Bad Place (with Shotgun Radio) (2011)

Eye Of Your Storm (with Elfkowitz) (2011)


Nothing At All (with Elfkowitz) (2011)


Pretty Boxes (with Elfkowitz) (2011)


You Lead I'll Follow (with Elfkowitz) (2011)

The Burning (with Phrenik and Kelly Dean), Subpressure (2011)


Exodus (with Phrenik), Simplify Recordings (2011)


Sublight (with The Walton Hoax) (2011)


Neverending World (with Skytree) (2011)

Backlash (with Shotgun Radio and DJ Swamp) (2009)