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Mimi Page is an internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter, sound designer and composer. Her cinematic music and ethereal vocals have been featured in a multitude of well-known titles and platforms, including network television shows, video games, film scores, solo albums, and multi-genre artist collaborations. Mimi's music is a transformative and emotionally captivating experience. While her unique sound compliments visual media, it also inspires listeners to go inward and explore the expansiveness of their own imagination. 


Mimi’s musical journey started at the age of 5 when she began composing instrumental piano pieces, which she then performed at her elementary school’s talent assemblies. At age 16, Mimi attended Hamilton High School’s music academy in Los Angeles. While her initial intention was to focus on piano composition, she found herself gravitating towards the school’s newly launched Electronic Music program. It was here that she learned how to record and produce her instrumental music. The program also introduced Mimi to a new instrument she didn’t know she had at her disposal – her own voice. After experimenting with reverb and delay, Mimi learned how to layer multiple vocal harmonies and create what has ultimately become her unique sound: a gentle choir, otherworldly and peaceful, and the perfect complement to the instrumental music she’d been creating for years. 


Mimi’s solo albums, soundtracks, and collaborations have been in rotation on Internet and satellite radio stations around the world, and her presence as a vocalist and composer for film, TV, and video games have continued to grow. Mimi's songs have been featured on Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures", Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance", NBC's "America's Got Talent", and Riot Games' "League of Legends". As a composer, she's provided original scores for documentary features "The Demon House" and "The Trade", and composed original soundtracks for the space adventure game series "Ancient Frontier", surrealist RPG "She Dreams Elsewhere", and psychological thriller "The Lighthouse". Mimi is also passionate about the healing effect music has on the mind and body. Her original sound-healing meditations can be found on both Youtube and the app Insight Timer. 

Mimi is partnered with virtual instrument developer Soundiron and has created her own ethereal vocal and ambient virtual instrument: "Mimi Page Light and Shadow". After years of utilizing her voice as an instrument within her own work, Mimi was inspired to create a virtual instrument that anyone could potentially work with. Her original concept of “Light and Shadow” began with her desire to express the creative range within her own art, and, on a larger scale, the emotional range we all possess as human beings. While her breathy, ethereal tone can be used to create serene and angelic sounds, with the right manipulation it can also become haunting, melancholy, and even scary. In addition to the thousands of vocal samples and phrases in the "Light and Shadow" library, Mimi’s created dozens of ambient pads and drones, all hand-crafted from her own voice. Utilizing time-stretching, manipulation, and heavy processing, each ambient drone is a compliment to the overall otherworldly aesthetic of the library. While retaining her unique sound and signature ethereal quality, the versatility of the library gives the user the ability to add depth and diversity to every genre of music, whether it be Electronic Music, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Horror, New Age, Classical, Ambient, or Hip Hop. Whatever the project, "Light and Shadow’s" sounds have the potential to bring life, depth, and a bit of magic to the final product. 


In addition to her professional career, Mimi’s extremely passionate about sharing her musical knowledge through education. Mimi was a featured mentor for Warren Huart’s award-winning online series, "Produce Like a Pro", and has worked with UCLA and ADIDAS Sound Labs as a mentor and artist development coach. She has lead workshops and held masterclasses at educational institutions across the country, and aims to inspire others to discover their authentic voices and use music as a tool for healing and self-expression. Mimi believes that music is our universal language and holds the profound ability to help heal and unify our world.

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