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Music Education

Mimi recently became a mentor for Warren Huart's "Produce Like A Pro's" Pro Mix Academy. In her instructional course, she dives into her creative process as a writer, vocalist, and producer, and re-creates her song "Ophelia" from her own home studio.

"When it comes to a home studio, I discuss the endless creative possibilities of utilizing the tools you already have. There is power in simplicity, and we can still create complex and captivating music while having minimal recording equipment. Many of us may dream of owning a ton of gear but lack the financial resources to do so. When first starting out in music, my own lack of resources unlocked one of my greatest creative strengths. I was forced to be inventive with the tools I had because I couldn’t afford much else outside a basic setup. One of the most important lessons I learned was that the emotional depth and authenticity I brought to my art was the thing that truly connected people, not the resources I had to create my music. My hope in this course is to inspire every creator to focus on who they are instead of what they have. Our hearts and imaginations are the most important tools we have, and regardless of our setup we can still create magic! - Mimi Page

For more on Mimi's instructional course and Warren's Produce Like A Pro educational series, visit:

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